User Manual

1 How to get started


Please read the chapters of this manual in the ranked order carefully to correctly learn the handling of the device.


Before you can proceed a measurement, you must download the VITALITY CHECK app on your phone or tablet (chapter 5) and you must charge the battery of your device (chapter 8). With a low charging level, it is impossible to switch on the device successfully.


The chapter 9 describes all steps you need to get a measurement done. When the device is switched on the light of the indicators informs you always about the present status. If the indication is not identical with the descriptions in chapter 9, you did not pass the present step correctly. In that case please go to the chapter 11 (“Troubleshooting”) and read the information for the related indication. For every indication, a method is described how to leave this status and how to go on with the measurement. Since the lights of the indicators have an automatically timeout, please memorize the configuration of lighting before searching in the chapter 11.

2 Safety


Read the safety instructions carefully before using the VITALITYCHECK. 

Retain these instructions for future use.


  • Only use the device as described in the manual

  • Do not stare into the lights the device uses to measure. Keep your hand on the sensor during the complete measurement. Staring into the active lights can cause permanent or non-permanent damage to your eyes.

  • Do not use the device near water or spill liquid of any kind on the device as this may cause a short circuit, a fire, or an electric shock which could cause serious injury, death, and property loss.

  • Do not use or store the device in extreme temperatures (for example, do not leave it in a car that is in direct sunlight). The device might overheat and may present a burn and fire risk and cease to function.

  • Do not drop the device or allow objects to fall on as this might cause a damage to the battery which might cause an explosion resulting in serious injury, death, and property loss.

  • Do not dispose of the device in fire as this might cause an explosion resulting in serious injury, death, and property loss.

  • Do not use the device in an aircraft as Federal Aviation Ad- ministration (FAA) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regula­tions prohibit the use of wireless devices while in the air. Turn off the device before boarding an aircraft. Using the device on an aircraft might affect aircraft instrumentation, communication, and performance; might disrupt the network; might otherwise be dangerous to the operation of the aircraft, its crew, and its passengers; and might be illegal.

  • Do not disassemble the device.

  • Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from radio frequency (RF) signals. However, certain electronic equipment might not be shielded against the RF signals from the device. Keep the device away from medical devices, including pacemakers and hearing aids, as they might mal- function and cause serious injury or death to the user and others.

  • Do not use the device in health care facilities as there may be equipment that could be sensitive to external RF energy.

  • The VITALITY CHECK contains an internal, non-replaceable Lithium Ion battery.

  • Use only certified USB Type-C™ cables and suitable USB chargers to charge or power the product.

  • Do not charge in a high moisture environment.

  • Do not cover the device or charger while charging.

Do not dispose of the device with unsorted waste. Improper disposal may be harmful to the environment and human health. Please refer to the local waste authority for information on return and collection systems in your area. This device must not be disposed of as normal household waste. Instead, it should be disposed of by returning it to the point of sale, or to a municipal recycling collection point.




3 Intended Use


The VITALITY CHECK may only be used for the purpose mentioned in this user guide.


4 System requirements


  • USB charging device (can be a wall charger, car charging adapter, USB port of PC. The port must provide at least 500mA of current)

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, 54 MBps min.

  • Internet connectivity

  • iPhone with IOS 12 or newer or Android phone with OS version 8 or newer


5 Download of VITALITY CHECK App


To apply the VITALITY CHECK the app for IOS and Android must be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. It will be soon available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store


6 Package content



  • Quick Start Guide



7 Product Description


The VITALITY CHECK device enables the non-invasive measurement of biomarkers in human skin and blood. The technological basis is the MSRRS (Multiple Spatially Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy) measurement. MSRRS facilitate an optical detection of inhomogeneous distributed biomarkers in different depth of the tissue, when user is placing his hand on the sensor. 

The device consists of a lid and the base. To open the device, hold the base and turn the lid counterclockwise.

The base of the VITALITY CHECK is shown in (Figure 2). The base consists of an On/Off button (2), a connectivity button (4), the USB-C socket (3), the sensor area (9) and several indicators (5, 6, 7).

  • On/Off button (2): power on when pressing, hold press to force power off

  • USB-C socket (3) may be used to charge the device

  • Connectivity button (4): hold pressed to enter initialization mode. More details see chapter 9.2)

  • The status indicator (5) and can light in virtually any color and is used to indicate certain status. More details please see below.

  • To indicate the progress of the measurement the progress indicator (6) consists of three signs and lights up in green while measuring. The three symbols will switch on one after the other until all symbols light. When the measurement is finished the light will switched off. More details please see below.

  • The WiFi indicator (7) light up in green and shows the device connectivity status. More details please see below.

  • Groove (8) to align the hand when measuring.

  • When measuring the LEDs of the Sensor area (9) will switched one after the other

To indicate a present status the LED of the status indicator (5) will light. The LED colors provide different basic information:

  • Red color: error or problem

  • Orange color: not completely ready for operation

  • Green color: ready for operation

  • Blue color: initialization mode. In this mode the scanner opens a WiFi network (see chapter 9.2). Connect to this network to adjust communication settings.

  • Cyan color: update mode

  • White: USB connected, disconnect USB to enter measurement mode

Progress indicator (6) shows the progress. The displayed information has different meaning for every status. See chapter 11 for more information.

WiFi indicator (7) can have the following status:

  • Not lit: The scanner is not connected to a WiFi network generated be an existing routeror hotspot

  • Green color: The scanner is connected to a WiFi network

  • Flickering: Scanner is sending data to a WiFi network

  • Flashing: The scanner is in the progress of connecting to a WiFi network


8 Charging of battery

Every charging device equipped with a USB Type-C™ plug is suitable to charge the device. Once a charger is connected, the battery will be charged, and the big symbol of the progress indicator lights red. If the battery is charged the device will stop charging automatically and the red light is switched off.

Please charge the VITALITY CHECK device before its first use

  1. Plug the USB CTM cable into the charging port

  2. Connect the cable to a USB charger or USB port

  3. While charging a red LED is switched on. The LED is switched off when the battery is charged. The LED is located in the biggest cavity of the progress indicator / Figure 3

  4. After about 3 hours, the device should be disconnected

Progress indicator lights in red to indicate the device is charging

9 Steps for Performing a measurement


To perform a measurement with the VITALITY CHECK successfully please follow the steps below in the described ranking.


Performing a measurement and charging of the battery at the same time is not possible, because charging can influence the quality of the measurement. Please remove the USB cable before starting a measurement.

9.1   Turning the device ON and OFF



At the time the VITALITY CHECK is switched off, no LED is shining.  If a LED is shining please switch at first the device off by a long press (ca. 15 sec.) on the ON/OFF button.

When you switch on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button the status indicator should light blue. If not please press the connectivity button until the status indicator lights blue. Blue indicates that the scanner has open an WiFi access point (Figure 4). For connecting the device with the WiFi access point please see chapter 9.2.

If there is no further action by a timeout of 60 seconds the device will switched off automatically.

When switching the scanner on by pressing the power button while charging the battery or when the battery has been charged before and the scanner is still connected with USB cable the status indicator will be lighting white (Figure 5) and will not open a WiFi access point. Please disconnect the USB cable.

If the battery level of the device is too low to conduct a measurement, the status indicator will be blinking several times in red before the device is switched off automatically. If the device does not switch on, the batter may be completely empty. In both cases please charge the battery (chapter 8).

9.2   How to Connect with the Access Point/WiFi of the Scanner


After you have switched on the device successfully, the status indicator lights blue. If not press the connectivity button until the indicator lights blue. Blue indicates that the scanner has open an WiFi access point. In the access point mode, the scanner provides WiFi a smartphone can connect to.


Switch now your phone/tablet on, open the Vitality app and select the “Setup wizard” by pressing the three-bar sign on top of the left corner (Figure 7). Please follow step by step the procedure of the “Setup wizard” for connecting scanner and phone/tablet (chapter 9.3 and 9.4) and subsequent for connecting the scanner with the external WiFi or with the hotspot of a phone/tablet (chapter 9.5).


To enable a connection between scanner and phone/tablet the wizard requests you to open the settings of your phone/tablet and the selection of the WiFi settings. All WiFi networks around will be displayed. Please select biozoom_xxxx (Figure 7) it is the WiFi name of the access point of your scanner. Instead of the “xxxx” a four-digit number is displayed consisting of numbers (0-9) and/or letters (a-f). On the back side of the scanner the specific WiFi name of your scanner is printed. Some phones/tablets inform you that the selected WiFi has no internet connection. This is correct because the access point connects only scanner and phone/tablet. In some cases, the Phone/tablet requests you to confirm that an internet connection does not exist. Please confirm it. If you do not confirm scanner and phone/tablet will be connected.


9.3   Confirmation of a Connection to the Access Point


The smallest symbol of the progress indicator (6) lights in green, if the scanner is connected with a phone.

9.4   Confirmation of a Connection between App and Scanner


The first and the second symbol of the progress indicator light green and the status indicator lights blue if the scanner is connected with the VITALITY CHECK app on your phone/tablet.


9.5   Selection of the WiFi for Proceeding Measurements

When proceeding a measurement, the measured data will be sent to a central server for calculation. The result will be displayed on the phone/tablet. Therefore, the scanner must be connected with a WiFi network that transfer the data via internet to the central server. There are two possibilities to do it:

  • Applying an existing WiFi e.g. your WiFi at home or the office WiFi

  • Applying the hotspot of the phone/tablet 


If you have not established a hotspot on your phone so far you must do a related configuration first because name and password of the hotspot must be known for the connection of scanner and hotspot. Open the settings of your phone. In most cases the hotspot is a submenu of the WiFi settings. Use for the configuration of the hotspot a name and a password you remember well; it helps you when connecting the scanner with the hotspot.

The following existing WiFi´s cannot be used:

  • WiFi networks where you need to enter information in a browser to get access, e.g. hotel WiFi´s, WiFi in some trains or airplanes

  • WiFi networks which do not allow communication from one device to another, e.g. hotel WiFi´s, company guest networks

In all this cases please select alternatively the hotspot of your phone/tablet  

9.5.1  Applying an Existing WiFi

The scanner is scanning for WiFi networks continuously and send the detected networks via access point to the phone/tablet (see chapter 9.4). The networks are displayed in the VITALITY CHECK app.  Please select the WiFi network of your preference and insert the password into window opened. If the scanner can connect to the specified WiFi network, all three symbols of the progress indicator lights green. The status indicator lights blue.


If the scanner is connected with the WiFi network the access point will be closed. Therefore, the WiFi indicator and the status indicator lights green and the light of the progress indicator is switched off.

To enable furthermore the communication between scanner and phone/tablet the phone/tablet must now also be connected with that same WiFi the scanner is connected. If this WiFi is your home WiFi or your office WiFi then mostly your phone was already connected with that WiFi before. In this case your phone/tablet connects with this WiFi automatically and no further action for connecting scanner and phone/tablet is necessary.   

In all other cases you must now open the settings of your phone/tablet. Please select the submenu for the WiFi settings.  Connect your phone to the same WiFi Network your scanner is connected.

Scanner and phone/tablet are communicating now via the router (existing WiFi network).

The VITALITY CHECK will now be ready for measurement. The app is displaying the page for starting a measurement.

9.5.2  Applying Hotspot of the Phone/Tablet


You have followed the instructions of chapter 9.2 – 9.5 successfully. Therefore, the status indicator lights blue and two symbols of the progress indicator light green indicating that the scanner and the app are connected via the access point of the scanner. The scanner is now scanning for WiFi networks continuously the detected networks are displayed in the app.


To connect now the scanner with the hotspot of the phone/tablet you must press the plus sign (+) on top of the screen. Into the window that will be opened you can enter SSID (name of the hotspot) and the password of the hotspot. Press the word “connect” to finish the procedure.


The information will be sent to the scanner via the existing access point connection. Of course, the attempt to connect the scanner with the hotspot must fail because the hotspot has not been opened yet.

Therefore, please open now the WiFi settings of the smartphone and switch the hotspot on (Figure 13a). In consequence the access point connection will be stopped. Since the scanner has stored the transmitted credentials all signs of the progress indicator are switched on to confirm that the hotspot is open now.

Please switch now the scanner off and switch it on again. The scanner will be automatically connected with the hotspot. To indicate this the status indicator and the WiFi indicator will light green and the light of the progress indicator is switched off.


The VITALITY CHECK app is displaying the page for starting a measurement (Figure 14). By pressing the apple sign you can start a measurement.

9.5.3  Automatically Connection with a WiFi Network


The scanner will store the credentials of the last connected WiFi network. Therefore, an automatically connection with this network will happened in the next session if this network is available. This is very comfortable because you can skip some of the steps described before. Please note, that only the last used network is stored. Nevertheless, there are small differences in the procedure when connecting with an existing WiFi network or a hotspot.

Connection with an existing WiFi Network

For an automatically connection please proceed as follow:

  1. Switch your phone/tablet on

Since your phone/tablet will store the credentials of the WiFi networks you have been connected before the connection will directly be established after you have switched it on. Of course, if your phone/tablet was already switched on the connection will be established if the router is visible for your phone/tablet.

Note: If you have several routers or WiFi access points, you need to connect your phone to the same WiFi your scanner is configured to connect to.

  1. Open the VITALITY CHECK  app

  2. Switch the scanner on

The status indicator will light orange very short but change immediately to green. The WiFi indicator lights green too. Since the scanner is now connected with the existing WiFi it is ready to proceed a measurement.

Connection with the hotspot

For an automatically connection please proceed as follow:

  1. Switch your phone/tablet on.

  2. Please open now the WiFi settings of your phone/tablet. You will find a submenu for opening a WiFi hotspot. Please activate the hotspot.

  3. Switch the scanner on

The status indicator will light orange very short but change immediately to green. The WiFi indicator lights green too. Since the scanner is now connected with the hotspot it is ready to proceed a measurement.

9.6   Performing a Measurement

Before you measure the first time please read the general recommendations for a correct measurement listed in chapter 10 “Measurement Basics”. It helps you much to receive a correct result.

9.6.1  Automatically Hand Recognition

You have opened the VITALITY CHECK app and see the button “Start measurement” (status indicator and WiFi indicator lights). Please press now the button. The smallest symbol of the progress indicator will blink green to request you to place your hand onto the sensor.


Note: Please carefully read the instructions on how to position your hand on the sensor to obtain a correct measurement (see chapter 10).


The scanner will now check if your hand is present. Every time the scanner checks for your hand it will flash with orange LEDs. The measurement will only start if the hand is placed on the sensor. This is a safety mechanism to prevent that the user do suffer from the bright light of a running measurement. An automatically timeout will stop the orange blinking after 60 seconds if the user has not placed his hand on the sensor.


9.6.2  Automatically Start of the Measurement


If the sensor has detected the placement of the hand the measurement starts, and the smallest symbol of the progress indicator stops blinking and lights permanently in green. At that time, the hand should not be moved on the sensor to avoid a miss reading. The small symbol indicates that the measurement is in the first half.

The measured data are continuously transferred via WiFi and internet to server for calculation. Any time a package of data is sent the WiFi indicator will flickering. 

9.6.3  Progress of the Measurement


Since the measurement is in progress the first and the second symbol of the progress indicator will light after some time.


The measurement is finish when all three symbols of the progress indicator lights green. The hand should now be removed from the sensor.

If you don’t remove your hand the smallest symbol of the progress indicator will start blinking. Please remove your hand now.

If you have removed your hand the first two symbols of the progress indicator are switched off directly. The third symbol will light until all data has been transferred to the server.

When all data has been sent to the server also the biggest symbol of the progress indicator will be switched off and only status indicator and WiFi indicator keeps light.

When you perform an antioxidant intensive measurement the next measurement must be performed. Therefore, the smallest symbol of the progress indicator is blinking again, and four LEDs of the sensor are continuously switched on one after the other. It indicates that you must place your hand on the sensor area again. Please follow the procedure descript in previous chapters (9.6.1 ff). If you do not place your hand an error message will be displayed on the phone/tablet after 60 seconds.

If you have performed all four measurements of the intensive measurement procedure or you have done only a single measurement the scanner will be switched off automatically. The app informs you simultaneously that the result is available. When pressing the displayed link, a website will open presenting the result as well as recommendations for improving this result.

If you like to conduct an additional measurement you must open the app and must switch on the scanner again.

10 Measurement basics


The VITALITY CHECK is a sensitive sensor that is able to detect certain substances in the human skin. It is helpful to follow the tips below to get precise and reliable results.

Preparation before starting measurement

  • Rest your body before starting measurement.

If you do physical exercise right before the measurement, you can often see an effect on your antioxidant measurement as well as on heart rate variability that does not reflect your general level. If you want the maximum measurement precision, allow your body to rest 20 minutes between exercise and measurement.

  • Measure at the same time each day to get consistent results. The antioxidant level may change during the day.

During sleep your body relaxes and recovers. You can see that in the antioxidant value as well. Most people have a higher value in the morning and during the activity and stress of the day the value drops and is lowest in the evening. With some people, it goes up right after they had healthy food and a lunchbreak. The changes between morning and evening typically have a magnitude of 0.1 to 0.5. You can also find differences between Monday and Friday because of workload or job-related stress and the recovering at the weekend.

  • Measure with dry skin only. If you washed your hands with soap and dried them up thoroughly, there is still some water that remains on the skin for a while. It will have a small effect on the measurement, so it is better to wait 30 minutes after washing hands to get the most precise results.

  • Measure on unhurt, healthy, untreated, bare, and dry skin only to get consistent results. If you suffer from any skin diseases, the sensor will probably not be able to measure correctly, because it is calibrated for healthy skin only.

Skin treatments of any kind, e.g., skin care products, cosmetics, sun protection, tattoos, will influence the measurement. Hair will also have an influence. Therefore, we recommend measuring on the base of your right hand’s thumb.


Performing measurements

  • Measure in sitting position with the scanner lying on the table.

  • Rest your elbow on the table for controlling the pressure when placing the hand on the sensor. Apply no additional force, the weight of your hand/arm is enough

You can get to the ideal contact pressure by letting the hand rest on the sensor with its own weight. Do not use the muscles of the arm to lift the hand or to press it onto the sensor. The ideal contact pressure is approximately equivalent to 800g of weight which is about two pounds. The reason for this is, that your blood contains antioxidants. If you press against the sensor too hard, you push some blood out of the skin and change the effective antioxidant level. The sensor has a function that compensates the effect of the contact force. So, you do not need to worry to get a perfect contact pressure. But if your contact pressure is ideal you still get a little bit better result. Pushing blood out of the skin will make the measurement of heart rate variability complete impossible.


Seating position - sensor on the table. Rest the elbow on the table - no additional force when measuring

  • Lay your right hand softly on the sensor by using the groove to align the hand precisely. Measuring always the exact same spot helps you to see the effect of a change in nutrition and lifestyle correctly.

  • Do not move your hand or shift weight during measurement.

It is important to hold your hand still during the measurement. The sensor does a set of different measurements and compares the results. If the hand moves between the measurements or the contact to the sensor varies the comparison works less well.

  • Avoid bright light on your hand while measuring (sunlight, bright artificial light).  Cover the hand if necessary.

Bright light can get through your hand. You can try that by switching on the LED flashlight of your smartphone and putting a finger on top of it. You can see that especially red light can get all the way through your finger. Sunlight is even stronger and can get through all your hand. That is why the biozoom sensor does refuse to measure in direct sunlight. If you want the maximum precision, you can help the sensor by making sure no bright light hits the back of your hand while measuring. Normal ceiling light is mostly no problem.


General aspects influencing the level of measured results

  • Note that prolonged exposure to sunlight or the use of sunbed may temporarily lower your antioxidant value.

  • Influence of wearing gloves

If you wear gloves at work, be aware that there sometimes is a significant effect on the antioxidant concentration. You will get better results if you always measure before work.

  • Note that illness may lower your antioxidant value.

If you have a cold or some other illness it means stress for your body. Be aware that usually your antioxidant values go down in such a case. Wait until you have recovered before you compare two results.

  • Reasonable physical exercise supports your antioxidant level, but strong physical exercise may temporarily lower your antioxidant value.

  • Note that smoking result in a constant lower level of antioxidant value compared to non-smoking

  • Note that excessive consumption of alcohol may lower the antioxidant value temporarily   

11 Troubleshooting


Below you find a table summarizing all functions and indication relevant for the use of the scanner. If you meet an unexpected behavior of the scanner this table helps you to understand it fast. If further actions are necessary, this table inform about this.

For unexpected events not listed in the table please carry out the following steps:

  1. Switch the scanner off by holding the ON/OFF button pressed for 15 seconds.

  2. Restart the app.

  3. Switch on again by pressing the ON/OFF button for 1 second.


Since the scanner will indicate its status by lighting of a specific color or a combination of colors of different indicators the table below has a ranking based on colors.

1      Scanner

2      On/Off button

3      USB-C socket

4      Connectivity button

5      Status indicator

6      Progress indicator

7      WiFi indicator

8      Groove

9      Sensor area


12 Maintenance and Cleaning


The VITALITY CHECK needs no regular maintenance and has no user-maintainable parts.

To ensure consistent measurement quality, a regular cleaning is recommended.  Please use a slightly damp, soft cleaning cloth.

Never use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, disinfectants or sanitizers, or other strong cleaning agents when cleaning the VITALITY CHECK, as these could damage the case and the optical surface of the sensor.


13 Technical Specification


14 Certifications



We are a dynamic company that has set itself the task of making biological values ​​in the skin measurable. We develop, produce and sell these in the heart of Germany, in Kassel. Our devices are medically validated and have been used successfully in clinics for years.


biozoom controls your diet and tells you whether your body is supplied with enough vital substances to protect you from colds and diseases of civilization.


We also tell you when stress is affecting your health and whether you are doing enough anti-aging. With biozoom you receive daily feedback from your body (biofeedback). In harmony with your body, biozoom shows you when something is getting out of hand and helps you to readjust (coaching). Get the nutrition tracker now and do the vitality check.


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