Perform measurements

  • Measure in a sitting position with the scanner on the table

  • Put your elbow on the table. Lower your hand so it is floating 1 inch above the sensor. You can make ideal contact with the sensor by resting your hand on it with its own weight. Do not use the muscles of the arm to raise your hand or press the sensor. Because your blood contains antioxidants, when you press the sensor, the effective antioxidant level changes. The sensor has a function that compensates for the effect of the contact force. So you don't have to worry to get perfect contact. But if only the weight of your hand and arm is applied, you will still get a slightly better result. Forcing blood out of the skin makes it impossible to fully measure heart rate variability.

Sitting position - sensor on the table

Put your elbow on the table - no extra force when measuring

  • Gently place your right hand on the sensor using the groove to precisely align your hand. By always measuring the exact same point, you can properly see the effects of diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Do not move your hand or shift your weight during the measurement.

  • It is important to keep your hand steady during the measurement. The sensor takes a number of different measurements and compares the results. If the hand moves between measurements or the contact with the sensor varies, the comparison works less well.

Use the groove to precisely align your hand

Do not move your hand while measuring

  • Avoid bright light on your hand during measurement (sunlight, bright artificial light). Cover your hand if necessary. Bright light can get through your hand.

  • You can try this by turning on your smartphone's LED flashlight and placing your finger on it. You can see that especially red light can get through your finger. The sunlight is even stronger and can get through all hands. For this reason, the Biozoom sensor refuses to measure in direct sunlight. If you want maximum precision, you can help the sensor by making sure that no bright light hits the back of your hand while measuring. Normal ceiling lights are usually not a problem.


We are a dynamic company that has set itself the task of making biological values ​​in the skin measurable. We develop, produce and sell these in the heart of Germany, in Kassel. Our devices are medically validated and have been used successfully in clinics for years.


biozoom controls your diet and tells you whether your body is supplied with enough vital substances to protect you from colds and diseases of civilization.


We also tell you when stress is affecting your health and whether you are doing enough anti-aging. With biozoom you receive daily feedback from your body (biofeedback). In harmony with your body, biozoom shows you when something is getting out of hand and helps you to readjust (coaching). Get the nutrition tracker now and do the vitality check.


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