Biozoom is the leading manufacturer of non-invasive sensors for the level of antioxidants in the human body. Our competence lies in the development of electronic devices for optical measurements on human skin and in the blood and the development of the associated evaluation algorithms and software. Our systems are used in dermatology, oncology and paediatrics as well as to optimize nutrition. Numerous health centers, health insurance companies, doctors and naturopaths use the sensors as part of a rapid diagnosis. International corporations also use our systems. B. in occupational health management (BGM). We are constantly developing new systems and products to offer new diagnostic methods.

- We are looking for: Embadded Systems Development (physicist) University degree: Master (Uni)

In the area of ​​research and development we are looking for employees (m / f / d) with experience in the area of ​​microcontrollers and embadded systems for combined development tasks that include software development and electronics development.
The range of tasks extends from the first product idea through the development of hardware and software to the analysis of test technologies for production.

- We are looking for: Medical-technical assistant - functional diagnostics

Your tasks include the production (manufacture, assembly and final inspection) of medically valid hand-held scanners.

Your profile:

- Completed vocational training for MTA / PTA
or similar
- at least 3-5 years of professional experience
- Experience in dealing with
Measuring methods / measuring techniques Dosing also of
Small quantities
- Experience in handling flammable, corrosive
- Experience in quality control / final acceptance of
medical technology products / devices
- IT experience (MS Office)
- First experience under working conditions according to DIN
ISO 9001 ff.

Please apply in electronic form to:

biozoom Services GmbH

Mr. Hardy Hoheisel

Ziegelstrasse 17th
34121 Kassel, Hesse

Hoheisel [AT]


We are a dynamic company that has set itself the task of making biological values ​​in the skin measurable. We develop, produce and sell these in the heart of Germany, in Kassel. Our devices are medically validated and have been used successfully in clinics for years.

biozoom controls your diet and tells you whether your body is supplied with enough vital substances to protect you from colds and diseases of civilization.

We also tell you when stress is affecting your health and whether you are doing enough anti-aging. With biozoom you receive daily feedback from your body (biofeedback). In harmony with your body, biozoom shows you when something is getting out of hand and helps you to readjust (coaching).

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