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Data privacy

Be sure to read this important notice!

The measured values are permanently assigned to the biozoom scanner using an encrypted identifier contained in the device. This has the advantage that neither a user account nor passwords are necessary. However, you should therefore only make your biozoom scanner accessible to people who are allowed to experience the measured values. Since the biozoom scanner itself is the key to the stored data, it should be kept safe accordingly.


Biozoom services GmbH, Ziegelstrasse 17 in D-34117 Kassel (“biozoom” or “we”) takes data protection very seriously and would like to ensure that your privacy is protected and that you are informed about the use of your data. In this data protection notice, we therefore explain how and for what purposes we handle your data. These data protection notices explain our handling of data when using the biozoom mobile app and the biozoom desktop software (jointly "biozoom software") to evaluate the measurements made with the biozoom scanner via biozoom server (jointly the "biozoom services").

Measurements and measurement processes

When you carry out a measurement with the biozoom scanner, the raw measurement data is encrypted by the biozoom scanner and transmitted to your biozoom software. The encrypted data is transferred to a biozoom server to calculate the measurement results and, if necessary, to create measurement processes. Measurement results and, if necessary, measurement processes are calculated on this server. The measurement results are then displayed in your biozoom software. All servers operated by or on behalf of biozoom for the evaluation of raw measurement data and the creation of measurement processes are located in Germany. The data will not be transferred outside of Germany.

Raw measurement data, measurement results and measurement processes are generally not linked to personal characteristics of the user. biozoom cannot assign the data to a specific person, but only to the biozoom scanner used. This is done using the serial number of the biozoom scanner, which is transmitted to the biozoom server together with the raw measurement data. All raw measurement data are encrypted on the biozoom scanner using 128-bit encryption before they are transmitted to the biozoom server for evaluation.


Even if you enter a user ID, for example a name or an identification number, into the biozoom scanner after a measurement in order to assign the measurement to a specific person, the biozoom software automatically converts the user ID into a so-called hash value before it is transmitted to a biozoom server . This hash value does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the person concerned, but enables the biozoom servers to differentiate between persons measured with the same biozoom scanner in order to create measurement profiles for them.

Improving our services

We also use the data transmitted to biozoom servers in this way to continuously improve the usability and quality of biozoom services. If you install the biozoom software and use the biozoom services, biozoom collects anonymous data for this purpose on the use of biozoom software and services, as well as any data about the end devices used. Examples of recorded data: operating system version and installation problems, text input in input fields of the biozoom software and sensor data of the biozoom scanner, as well as frequency of use.

Examples for the handling of data acquisition with biozoom scanners

Here we give you detailed examples of how to handle data acquisition with the individual types of biozoom scanners:

QuickTest Portable:


  • After the measurement, the biozoom scanner asks (depending on the technical equipment) for a user ID for the person measured. Here, for example, a patient or customer number can be entered as a user ID. The input is encrypted in a hash value from which the original input cannot be recognized. The measured values ​​are saved on the biozoom server under this hash value. Advantage of the process: No personal data is sent to biozoom. In exceptionally rare and technically unavoidable cases, however, it can happen that different names / customer numbers lead to an identical hash value and thus data from different users are mixed up and measurement processes are falsified. Mixing with data from other biozoom scanners is excluded.


  • When installing the program, biozoom can collect data about your device and your applications (for example the Windows version you are using or driver information) and use this information to check or improve compatibility (e.g. to improve biozoom scanners and biozoom software) to coordinate).




  • Your device has a serial number. The measurement data are saved to this serial number. Furthermore, you may have registered several users who are saved separately. The user IDs are encrypted in a hash value and stored on the biozoom server under this hash value.


  • When installing the program, biozoom can collect data on your device and your applications (for example the Windows version you are using or driver information) and uses this information to check or improve compatibility (e.g. to better coordinate devices and apps) .

Voluntary transfer of personal data

If you voluntarily provide us with your personal data, e.g. for the purpose of contacting us, we will only process it for the purpose for which you provide us with the personal data. We only store this data for as long as is necessary for the respective purpose. As soon as we no longer need the personal data for these purposes, they will be deleted immediately or - if we are legally obliged to store them - blocked by us.

Data collection and processing by third parties

Insofar as third parties collect, process or use your personal data in connection with our services, for example when purchasing a biozoom scanner or on the mobile app platform on which you download the biozoom mobile app, or on other third-party websites that you use in connection with the If you visit biozoom services, this third party is responsible for the proper collection and processing of your personal data. Something different only applies if the third party collects, processes or uses your data on our behalf. With such order data processing, we will observe the legal requirements, in particular in accordance with § 11 BDSG.

Information, correction and deletion

You have the right to receive information about your personal data stored by us free of charge at any time. Should your data be stored incorrectly or unjustifiably by us, we will be happy to correct, block or delete it.


You also have the option of having the measurement data and measurement data history linked to your biozoom scanner completely deleted from the biozoom server at any time. Send us a letter to biozoom services GmbH, Ziegelstrasse 17, D-34117 Kassel. biozoom reserves the right to request meaningful proof of identification and proof of the affected serial number from you before deletion. We urgently recommend deleting the data before passing the biozoom scanner on to third parties. Otherwise your measurement data history is visible to the purchaser of the biozoom scanner. Insofar as biozoom is legally obliged to retain data, biozoom will block the data for the duration of the retention obligation instead of deleting it. biozoom can delete data that was measured by a biozoom scanner that is not authorized to use biozoom services.


Please address requests for information, questions, complaints or suggestions to the following address:


biozoom services GmbH

Ziegelstrasse 17

D-34117 Kassel

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