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Does your diet contain all the vitamins your body needs? 

Now check and improve your values and stay healthy with our patented * nutrition tracker. Now track nutrition, fitness and the resilience of your cardiovascular system with just one measurement. 

Ernährung umstellen, Gesundheit messen, Abnehmen, Gewichtsreduktion


has the answer!

* Patent information

The scanners produced by Biozoom are protected by one or more of the following patents or patent applications:  United States Patent Numbers US 10,416,079 and US 11,08,5876; European patent EP 3013217 and further patent applications in the USA and other countries.


Simply check values and receive daily biofeedback

ernährungstracker, Überprüfe deine Gesundheit mit dem Vitalitycheck, Abnehmen, Ernährung und Vitalität


You will receive a detailed measurement of your antioxidant value based on biomarkers in your skin.


We measure your heart rate variability and your pulse. This is how you get information about your values and how you can improve them. 


We use the information you provide to provide you with information about your biological age and your body mass index.



It has never been so easy to check your values and your diet.

Install the biozoom APP on the smartphone

Connect the hand scanner to the internet router and the mobile phone

Connect devices and measure each other anywhere, even when you're on the move

So geht's


Now measure from anywhere with the pocket-sized handheld scanner


Setting up the device is very easy. Connect once and get started right away


Long-life batteries for a long service life including automatic switch-off


Simple operation via APP and clear recommendations with products


The new design flatters your hand. It is ideal for your gym bag


Compatible with all common smartphones. Get the APP now for free in the store

Our recommendation for information on "What is oxidative stress?"

Our success story

We at biozoom have over 10 years of experience.


Check your vitality!


Over 4.6 million people worldwide have already measured themselves with our scanners.


Our devices are already in China, Japan, USA, Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


They are already used by / at:


- pharmacies

- health insurance companies

- automobile manufacturers

- health food stores

- naturopaths and therapists

- Clinics and hospitals

- Measure up

- registered doctors

- Familys

- (Point of Sales)



As of November 2020

Eva (35) 

"I thought a lot helps a lot, instead my values were completely screwed up. With biozoom I finally know which dosage is the right one."


- Eva 52 from Munich

Fitness, welness, well-being

Basti (42)

"With my steak today, I'd better eat a salad instead of french fries.


- Basti 29 from fitnessGe

workout, dietplan, health tracker, health tracking

Bob (31)

"In the beginning I was totally insecure when I started vegan. Now I really know measurably that it is beneficial for my body to eat sugar-free and without meat"

- Bob 38 from Florida

eat healthy, vegan food, vegan eat, clean eating, sugar-free

Monika (40)

"If my values went down while scanning, I ate more fruit. I haven't been sick in 4 years, I could swear it was because of that."


Monika 40 from Basel

fitness tracker, pulse tracker, tracking of body, bodytracker

User stories

Nutrition tracker

Optimize your lifestyle and get a clear understanding of your current body status in our APP.

Customize your experience and see how your habits, behaviors, and choices can affect your overall wellbeing and health.


By law, we are not a health tracker because otherwise we would be a medical product . However, our technology has been medically validated several times by the Charite in Berlin and other university clinics in Germany. As you have surely seen, our devices are already in use worldwide, including by various automobile manufacturers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical stores and doctors, and have also gone through several tests and procedures there. (You can also read about this in our medical studies ). Over 700,000 people worldwide have already been able to successfully measure themselves with our nutrition tracker.


With the Vitality - vitality tracker you have the possibility to measure your values ​​of antioxidants ( nutrition tracker ), heart rate variability , pulse, your weight by body mass index and your biological age with just one measurement.

Our biozoom device is called a nutrition tracker, vitality tracker, among other things, because you can use it to make parts of your health status visible. In the past we have already noticed that the values ​​drop enormously when, for example, a cold is looming. So you can take targeted action against it and help your health with fruits and vegetables when the days become more strenuous for you.


Our new APP also shows tips and hints for biofeedback so that you can take targeted action against your bad habits. The biozoom hand scanner not only allows you to make your own biofeedback visible, it also helps with other health issues such as weight loss , tracking diet, losing weight , pulse measurement, heart rate variability and biological age.


By daily recovery phases that are free from strain and stress and thus you bring your work life balance into harmony, you unlock the true potential of your body. With us you can check your values ​​and view your biofeedback. How am i doing today


The biozoom scanner helps you to live healthier in the long term. A real treat for your health . Check your values ​​regularly and get yourself in top shape with our nutrition tracker . Check your vitality now!







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