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Biological age

When it comes to a person's age, a distinction is made between biographical and biological age. The biographical age is the common chronological age, which is calculated based on the date of birth, e.g. E.g. someone is “45 years old”.

Biological age is also called metabolic age and tells us what condition our body really is in. It is related to the heart's ability to adapt to different stresses by varying heartbeats. This can be measured by determining heart rate variability (HRV). Heart rate variability decreases with age.

A healthy lifestyle helps people age more slowly compared to their age group, while an unhealthy lifestyle significantly accelerates the aging process. Biozoom calculates the biological age from the current heart rate variability based on the level of the peer group. If the user performs better than their peer group, they are considered biologically younger and vice versa. 

A healthy diet, regular physical activity and the ability to relax can slow down the biological aging process.

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