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Nutrition (antioxidants)

Heart rate variability

Body mass index

Biological age

weight loss - welness tracking - health tracker

With our new mini-format scanner, you can measure your values ​​quickly and easily not only at home, but also at work, shortly after exercise or even on vacation. Do the vitality check now!


Pulse rate (fitness)


This is what the Vitality Check measures:

Your daily biofeedback for at home

The biozoom scanner analyzes antioxidant substances in your body and shows you whether you have enough defenses.

Simply download the app and get started.

The measurement results and recommendations for action are displayed on the smartphone. Human antioxidant levels are the result of diet and lifestyle.

The biozoom technology
biozoom controls your Nutrition and tells you whether your body is sufficiently protected by antioxidants and whether you have enough protection against premature Aging processes or whether you want to ensure your well-being in the areas of nutrition, exercise and relaxation should do more. Daily measurement with the biozoom device gives you the answer.

Do you want to get in shape, eat healthier or say goodbye to bad habits? The Vitality Check motivates you every day to pay attention to your well-being and to stay on track to implement good resolutions.

Do the vitality check
While fruits and vegetables improve the antioxidant level, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, professional and private stress or too little sleep, for example, lead to a reduction in the level. But the onset of a cold also has a negative effect on the antioxidants. Too little exercise and relaxation also reduce your well-being.

The bizoom scanner and the Vitality Check App supports you in improving your lifestyle and thus maintaining your well-being in the long term. Within a few seconds, the corresponding measurement results are available and displayed directly on your smartphone or tablet.

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