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Biozoom is the leading manufacturer of non-invasive sensors for the level of antioxidants in the human body. Our competence lies in the development of electronic devices for optical measurements on human skin and in the blood and the development of the associated evaluation algorithms and software.


Our systems are used in dermatology, oncology and pediatrics as well as to optimize nutrition. Numerous health centers, health insurance companies, doctors and naturopaths use the sensors as part of a rapid diagnosis. International corporations also use our systems B. in occupational health management (BGM). We are constantly developing new systems and products to offer new diagnostic methods.



You can find our current vacancies here:


- Embadded Systems Development (physicist) University degree: Master (Uni) ( m / f / d)


- Medical-technical assistant - functional diagnostics ( m / f / d)


- Financial accountant ( m / f / d)


- Controller ( m / f / d)


- Mathematician or physicist ( m / f / d)


- Production employee (m / f / d)


- Computer scientist (m / f / d)



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