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Antioxidants - Pulse - Heartrate Variability

Easy to use

The clear notch in the scanner enables precise measurement results to be achieved and incorrect placement of the palm of the hand is avoided.


The new shape makes the scanner handy and its small format means it can be taken anywhere and anytime. It even fits in your pocket as well as in your handbag.

biozoom Scanner - Portable



The new dynamic design is characterized above all by the round and practical shape.


With its deep black color, the new scanner is also a real eye-catcher for men and women. It will also be available in other colors in the future. Do the vitality check now!



Healthy living, fitness, wellness

High quality material

The scanner is made robust by its aluminum housing. With a sturdy cover that can be quickly and easily attached to the scanner with a secure twist lock.


In this way, the sensor is well protected against external influences and at the same time prevents premature wear.


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