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User manual


  • Read the safety instructions carefully before using the biozoom scanner. Retain these instructions for future use.

  • Only use the scanner as described in the manual

  • Do not stare into the lights the scanner uses to measure. Keep your hand on the sensor during the complete measurement. Staring into the active lights can cause permanent or non-permanent damage to your eyes.

  • Do not use the scanner near water or spill liquid on the scanner as this may cause a short circuit, a fire, or an electric shock. This could cause serious injury, death and property loss.

  • Do not use or store the scanner in extreme temperatures (for example, do not leave it in a car that is in direct sunlight). The scanner might overheat and may present a burn and fire risk and cease to function.

  • Do not drop the scanner or allow objects to fall on as this might cause damage to the battery which might cause an explosion resulting in serious injury, death, and property loss.

  • The biozoom scanner contains an internal, non-replaceable Lithium Ion battery. Use only certified USB Type-C™ cables and suitable USB chargers to charge or power the product. Do not charge in high moisture environment and don't cover the scanner or charger while charging.



Do not charge the scanner in temperature outside ambient of (+ 5 ° C to + 40 ° C)


Do not dispose of the scanner with unsorted waste or as normal household waste. It should be disposed of by returning it to the point of sale, or to a municipal recycling collecting point.


To read the safety instruction completely please refer to the Vitality Check user manual. Press the three-bar sign in the upper left corner of the app to access it.  User manual will be accessable after connecting your scanner with the smartphone or tablet a first time.


System requirements

  • USB Type-C™ cable connector

  • USB charching device (can be a wall charger, car charging adapter, USB port of PC).

  • 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, 54 MBps min.

  • Internet connectivity.

  • Iphone with IOS 12 or newer or Android phone with OS version 8 or newer.

Charching of battery

Attention !!

  1. Plug a USB Type-C™ cable into the charging port (2) / see Figure 2

  2. Connect the cable to a USB charger or USB port

  3. Switch the scanner on by pressing the ON / OFF button (1)

  4. While charging a red LED is switched on. The LED is switched off when the battery is charged. The LED is located in the biggest cavity of the progress indicator (5) / see Figure 2

  5. After about 3 hours, the scanner my be disconnected

Product description

The biozoom scanner enables the non-invasive measurement of biomarkers in human skin and blood. To protect the sensor a Vitatlity Check  lid can be screwed on the scanner. To open a screwed scanner, hold the scanner and turn the lid counterclockwise (Figure 1).

Two buttons are available on the scanner: ON / Off button (1) and connectivity button (3).  The USB socket (2) may be used to charge the scanner.

Figure 2 shows the base of the biozoom scanner. Besides the control buttons (1, 3) there are the groove to align the hand when measuring (7), the sensor area  (8) and several indicators (4, 5, 6).

The status indicator (4) can light in virtually any color and is used to indicate certain status. Please refer to the app's instructions. The progress indicator (5) lights up in green. While measuring it indicates the progress of the measurement. The WiFi indicator (6) light up in green and shows the scanner connectivity status.

Foto Scanner mit Deckel.png
3-D Zeichnung Scanner.png

Figure 1

Figure 2

Turning the scanner on and off

The scanner can be switched on with the On / Off button (2) In off mode, a short press on the power button will switch the scanner on.

A long press (approx. 15 sec.) on the power button will force the scanner into the power off state.


Download of the app

The Vitality Check app is available for Android on Google Play Store and for Apple on Apple App Store. Please download the app on your phone / tablet.

Download, App, AppStore, Apple, Ernährung
Google Play Store, Download, App

Connecting scanner with phone or tablet

The biozoom scanner is a sophisticated device, which takes a lot of measurement points per single measurement. The calculation of the result needs significant computing power, which cannot be done on the scanner itself. Therefore, the app sends the data via internet to a central server for calculation and receive the result on the same way.  WIFI is used for the connection between scanner and phone / tablet. Since the Vitality Check app store the connecting data, this operation is necessary only once.

The connecting operation is easy and supported by the app. When open the app the first time please follow the instructions step by step until you can select and start a measurement.

Connecting additional scanner

If you like to connect an additional biozoom scanner with your phone / tablet after you have connected a first one at an earlier time, please press on the three bars in the upper left corner of the Vitality Check app and select the “Setup wizard” to connect the additional scanner now with the phone / tablet too.

The setup wizard guides you finally to an app page for selecting and starting a measurement.

Attention !!

Please note that the Vitality Check app stores only the last connection data.

Therefore, you must conduct the connecting operation again when using the first scanner once again.

Measurement basics

For proceeding a measurement, please follow the instructions of the app displayed on your phone. To get precise and reliable results please follow the tips below.

  • Measure in sitting position with scanner laying on the table

  • Rest your elbow on the table. Lower your hand so that it hovers 1 inch above the sensor.

  • The measurement is taken on the ball of the thumb of your right hand. It is important to measure the correct position (see detailed user manual). Align the edge of your hand with the groove on the sensor.

  • Relax your arm and drop your hand gently onto the sensor. Do not apply any force or pressure on the sensor. The weight of your hand and arm is enough to ensure good contact. 

  • Do not move until the measurement is complete

  • Observe more detailed instructions in the complete manual to obtain optimal precision. For example avoid measuring in the following conditions: wet skin, applied cosmetics, tattoos, injured skin ...


Intended use

Attention !!

The BIOZOOM scanner is not a medical product and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Measure on uninjured bare skin only!

Certification and Patent Information

FCC, geprüft, Zertifizierung
CE geprüft, Zertifizierungen, Patente, Ernährung
Mülltonne, Sondermüll, Verbraucherhinweis, Elektro, Elektronikgerät
Symbol MIC Japan, Zertifizierung, Informationen zu Zertifizierungen, Patente, Verbraucherhinweis
Symbol NCC Taiwan, Verbraucherhinweis,
Symbol Singapur mit unserer Nummer.png



IC: 21098-ESPWROOM-32E

MIC  217-204070

NCC  AK21Y10020T0


Product name :   BIOZOOM

Brand name :       BIOZOOM

Model No .:         MSRRS SCN05

Battery :               3.7Vdc. 500mAh lithium ion

Manufacturer :    biozoom services GmbH

                              Ziegelstraße 17

                              34121 Kassel


FCC statement This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Important Note To comply with the FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, no change to the antenna or the device is permitted. Any change to the antenna or the device could result in the device exceeding the RF exposure requirements and void user's authority to operate the device.




Patent information

The Biozoom product MSRRS SCN05 is protected by one or more of the following: US Pat. Nos. 10,416,079; 11,085,876; European Patent No. EP 3013217; and additional US and other patents pending.

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