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To indicate a present status the LED of the status indicator (5) will light. The LED colors provide different basic information:

  • Red color: error or problem

  • Orange color: not completely ready for operation

  • Green color: ready for operation

  • Blue color: initialization mode. In this mode the scanner opens a WiFi network (see chapter 9.2). Connect to this network to adjust communication settings.

  • Cyan color: update mode

  • White: USB connected, disconnect USB to enter measurement mode

Progress indicator (6) shows the progress. The displayed information has different meaning for every status. See chapter 11 for more information.

WiFi indicator (7) can have the following status:

  • Not lit: The scanner is not connected to a WiFi network generated be an existing routeror hotspot

  • Green color: The scanner is connected to a WiFi network

  • Flickering: Scanner is sending data to a WiFi network

  • Flashing: The scanner is in the progress of connecting to a WiFi network

8 Charging of battery

Every charging device equipped with a USB Type-C™ plug is suitable to charge the device. Once a charger is connected, the battery will be charged, and the big symbol of the progress indicator lights red. If the battery is charged the device will stop charging automatically and the red light is switched off.

Die gemessenen Daten wurden während der Übertragung an den Datenauswertungsserver beschädigt (Prüfsummenfehler).


Bitte wiederhole die Messung.

Please charge the VITALITY CHECK device before its first use

  1. Plug the USB CTM cable into the charging port

  2. Connect the cable to a USB charger or USB port

  3. While charging a red LED is switched on. The LED is switched off when the battery is charged. The LED is located in the biggest cavity of the progress indicator / Figure 3

  4. After about 3 hours, the device should be disconnected

Progress indicator lights in red to indicate the device is charging

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